"...Cali ['Things of Dry Hours']...thanks to the smoldering intensity of Andrea Belser, who gives Cali a tough hide that virtually nothing can pierce."

~ Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene 


"In the role of Salima ['Ruined'], Andrea Belser is gut-wrenching as she explains in a quietly agonizing second-act scene how she was abducted by soldiers."

~ Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer

Now Performing:

Coming soon!

What is The McCormick Movement?


The McCormick Movement houses freelance performing and teaching artist Andrea Belser McCormick ("Andrea Belser" as a performer, "Andrea McCormick" as a teaching artist). Since 2008, Andrea has worked independently in the field of performance art on and off stage, being awarded and nominated on two different occasions for Best Actress in Cleveland. In 2009 she became an independently contracted teaching artist in acting, then in 2012 in dance and musical theater. As a member of the Ohio Teaching Artist Roster, Andrea has taught countless students of all ages and abilities throughout Northeast Ohio.


The McCormick Movement, LLC is her way of taking charge of what she has built as a true business in performance art, and putting a stamp on true professionalism as an independent contractor. In addition, she has added Amalgam Arts & Wellness, LLC as a separate business striving to combine the arts with health and wellness, be it physical or psychological. Both established in 2017, a true entrepreneur with plenty of ideas to expand this business she has made for herself and her family, The McCormick Movement will continue to work to her expansion independently as she adds other endeavors aside from Amalgam Arts & Wellness; working to add a podcast and a dance company under the business umbrella. Stay tuned! 

"...Andrea Belser’s simple and seductive choreography and subtle stage movement, though some ballroom dancing works its way into ['My Way']...with grace and elegance."

~Tommy Carosielli, Cleveland Jewish News


"...I realized who created the amazing movement and dance for that show ['Mummies and the Magic Prince']. Andrea, you rocked it. I loved the attention to detail and the cohesive nature of the movement. It was great. Wonderful work."

~Sheffia Dooley

Amalgam Arts & Wellness, LLC

The McCormick Movement subsidiary, Amalgam Arts & Wellness, houses Andrea's various classes of acting, dance, singing, and Reiki sessions with the motto: blending the arts with alternative health and wellness, i.e. art as therapy. 


Private and semi private sessions are available, and group appointments of our Rhythm Nation session or Reiki and Relaxation sessions can be schedule at our home studio, The McCormick Movement Studio, in Old Brooklyn or yours. We will hopefully also be adding additional sessions of therapeutic acting, EFT/TFT, and restorative meditation.


Contact Andrea for more information, or visit www.AmalgamArtsWellness.com. Amalgam Arts & Wellness hopes to grow into your home for artistic and alternative health and wellness! 


"As Juliette ['I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda'], Andrea Belser is a revelation...she takes time to bring meaning out of the playwright's deceptively simple words... Quietly, the agony of her loss is brought to bear with thunderous power. And when Simon finally manages to coax Juliette into talking about the events of that horrible day, Belser is nothing less than devastating."

~ Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene


"Andrea Belser’s indelible performance as the burned-out Salima ['Ruined'] is a heartbreaker... Salima’s gut-wrenching monologue about her abduction and her subsequent violent and tragic fate moved me to tears." 


~ Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News

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    Susan Weber (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 13:54)

    Beautiful website, Andrea. We look forward to seeing your performance this weekend. Can't wait!

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    So amazing and professional! All your hard work is paying off! Keep going! So proud!

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    So PROUD to see you in your element! Please keep working hard and don't let your dreams go.

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    This is really nice!! Love it!! Very professional!! Yay! Wanted to be one if the first to say I'm soo proud! Keep up the hard work!