Growing Performing Artist

Constantly working at her craft, Andrea is consistently in production somewhere near and around the Cleveland area. Aside from that, she is very active as a student herself, indulging in classes of various dance and yoga at Dancing Wheels, and honing her piano and singing with Sharolyn Ferebee. She is also looking into earning a master's degree. Andrea truly believes that there is always room to learn and improve on everything you do.

Reiki Practitioner

Andrea is certified as a level 3 master in the holistic practice of Reiki. Her certification comes from Reiki Master Rebecca Hann with Touch Reiki and Holistic Services.


Reiki is a form of Japanese relaxation therapy using a light laying on of hands. Although Andrea is also an ordained minister, it has no relation to any religion and is used by many people worldwide. It helps immensely with a number of ailments and illnesses, stresses and pains, and many other issues one may have physically, mentally, or emotionally. Appropriate for any and all beings, from babies to elderly, and our furry friends, too!


You can Contact Andrea for a healing treatment.


In addition to the arts and holistic practices, Andrea has also worked as a STNA and babysitter/nanny. She has worked with seniors in their homes and in nursing home settings and has cared for children infant to 7 years old. She is also certified in CPR for adults, children, and infants, AED, and first aide. Contact Andrea for further information.